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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are used to improve the structure and the shade of a tooth for a long period of time. It serves as a protection for the affected tooth by covering it to avoid further fractures and cracks. Sleep grinders/clinchers mostly caused their teeth to fracture or crack as well as those teeth with large existing restorations.


There are different types of high strength restorative materials used in preparing the dental crown depending on what the patient needs. Here are the types to choose from:


  • Full-metallic crown: Metallic material is used for this type to give tooth covering. Gold was once preferred for its malleability and bio-compatible nature but because it’s getting more expensive, patients have turned to other materials instead. There are cheaper versions of metallic crowns from a combination of different metals but they are not as favourable since they create nickel allergy and rusting.


  • Porcelain-fused-metal (PFM) crown: This type of dental crown material is used in dentistry for years. It has also been the favourite of many experienced dentists even when CADCAM (computer-aided-design, computer-aided-manufacturing) technology has already been introduced in the dentistry. This involves covering the metallic crown especially in the anterior teeth with ceramics to provide a natural tooth-like aesthetic.


  • Non-metallic crown: high-strength medical grade ceramic is used for this type. In our practice, the latest chair-side CADCAM technology is made use as this restoration only forms micron of discrepancy which gives them the most precise fitting restoration available for dental crowns. We offer Vita, Emax, and Lava Ultimate crowns in our surgeries.


How many visits will my Dental Crown take?

At our practice, the entire dental procedure can be done in a single visit as we make our crowns in the clinic thus reducing extra costs associated with laboratory fees as well. This also ensures that the crown made is according to our high quality standard. Unlike other dental practices, they require two to three visits as they need to send the moulds to a laboratory where construction is done. Our experienced dentists are more than happy to explain the process with you as you watch your dental crown being made through our advanced dental crown technology equipment.


How long will the Dental Crown last?

Mostly, dental crowns last around 5 to 15 years depending on the patient’s oral hygiene practices. As we our confident with the dental crown we provide in our clinic, we are happy to replace the dental crown within 5 years after its placement when it fractures.


How much does a Dental Crown Cost?

We offer the cheapest dental crown in the North Sydney area for $1,450. The average rate is around $1,700 - $2,500 but here in North Sydney Dentistry we believe in providing quality dental crowns at an affordable price hence, the cheapest deal in the area.


What other dental options are available?

Here in North Sydney Dentistry, there are many restorative options available to achieve that great looking smile. Our experienced and friendly dentist will discuss with you the different options and will create a personal treatment plan that suits your needs.



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